Adjusta-Flex Perfect Fit Hose Donuts
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Adjusta-Flex Perfect Fit Hose Donuts
How Adjusta-Flex Works 

The first thing we
realized was that
the hose donut does
not have to have a fully connected perimeter to
do the job of protecting
the hose and fittings

The donut is able to
flex up, down, in
and out.  By doing this 
   the ID of the hose donut can hold a true circle thru a range of different diameters


universal hose bumper
Easily opens

for placement
or fittings.


This allowed us to have the 3 areas that  are cut away to 
create the "Flex Points" that are the key to the design.
They allow the donut to     move in every direction   

By removing a section
from one area of the donut, we are able to reduce and enlarge its diameter as needed.
The "Flex Points"
allow it to hold
its true circle


The Adjusta-Flex Donut shown in the
photos below
is the  "same donut"  .

It is extremely versatile.  Below you can see that it fits tight around
three different hoses.  Each hose has a different outside diameter of 2.40"
2.50" and 2.79".   The full range is approximately 2.38" to 2.9" for our #220-2"
Hose Donut.  We offer ranges to cover OD dimension of .1.24" all the way to 7.4". 

Many Inspectors are now requiring hoses to be off the floor.
Adjusta-Flex #200 and #1000 Series are very reliable
and consistently fit tight around the hose.

Adjusta-Flex Perfect Fit Hose Donuts
The Perfect Fit for EVERY Application

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